Stains on couches happen. In fact, your entire living room furniture is a magnet for stains, dirt and allergens. Think about it: spills, pets' hair, dust is absorbed by the couch and you don't even notice it! It not just unappealing, it is also not healthy for you and your family. Yur couch may slowly become a huge source of allergens and microorganisms that may cause some health troubles for your children and pets. 

So to easily clean you couch, you should not hire an expensive cleaning company or break your back trying to wash it all off. There are 6 simple, yet very effective ways to remove stains from your couch in a very natural way. 

1. Soda + Powder = Clean Couch 

Mix 3 tablespoons baking powder and one tablespoon club soda. Then, use a towel/cloth and rub the mixture over the stain you should see the stain starting to come off. Let it soak in for 2 minutes and after that wet a cloth and drain the excess and wipe down the sofa.


2. Baby Wipes are Not Only for Babies

On a microfiber sofa, which is said to be the easiest sofa to remove stains from, use baby wipes and wipe the stained area until the stain start to loosen. Cool, huh?


3. Alcohol!

If you are a lucky owner of a suede sofa, use some denatured alcohol and let it sit . However, suede is a very sensitive material so before you do anything to it, test a hidden area first to prevent discoloration. By the way,  there is a difference between microfiber and micro-suede sofas, so they must be treated differently.  


4. How About Good Ol’ Washing Machine?

A cotton sofa can easily be cleaned by throwing cushions  into the washing machine. I would not suggest using dryer though as it may shrink material. Make sure the water is not very soapy and wipe down your sofa to remove the stain. After you have done this, grab a fresh cloth with warm water and re-wipe the area.


5. Ewww… Pee Stains

Oops, your furry friend just went pee all over your sofa. What now? Leave it to dry, and then add some vinegar and water. You can also sprinkle some baking soda on the spot to take care of the smell as well.


6. Bye-bye ink stains!

Doing homework on your sofa, balancing the books, whatever it is... and the ink from your pen leaks onto your sofa. You think your sofa is ruined forever. We all think "Ink does not come out!" How do you get ink out?! Before you throw out your sofa, resent it, etc. use this natural stain remover tip.

TIP: Remember, never rub in an ink stain, it will only make it worse!

-Step 1: Spray hairspray onto a towel and then blot the stain, redo this with a dry towel

-Step 2: Next, using a clean towel add isopropyl rubbing alcohol. BLOT the ink stain and then dry with a towel

-Step3: Then use a clean towel and apply nail polish remover to the stain(please test sofa area first)


It is even more interensting that the same priciples are often can be applied to carpet cleaning. Although, it requires a slightly diferent approach and appliances. Follow us for the next blog post on carpet cleaning. 



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When somebody ever thought of hiring NJ maid service for domestic cleaning services, it was considered a very big decision been so expensive and limited NJ maid companies. But as time passed by and life style changed using NJ maid services for domestic cleaning services have become an important part of life. Life is running so fast where no one in a home has enough time to spend for cleaning their home or apartment. So there is no reason you can avoid NJ maid company for your domestic cleaning services need. You need to big a thought on some facts before hiring NJ maid company which I will discuss below in this article. What you need to know before hiring maids for green cleaning services? What questions you should ask to maids company before doing domestic cleaning services? What questions you must have in mind while hiring a maids company? Let me discuss this in more detail –

Before hiring maids company for green cleaning services you need to check what maids use green cleaning processes not because they're trendy, but because they're responsible for the earth and for your family. A clean home shouldn't just look clean; it should be clean and safe.

By using environmentally responsible cleaning products, there is less chance of allergic reaction.

Chemicals have been linked to:

  • Allergies
  • Certain cancers
  • And other chronic conditions

Another point is what you should ask the NJ maid company

Insured – Should maids be injured in your home, this shouldn't be your responsibility. Since your homeowner's policy or renter's insurance policy may not cover these sorts of situations, NJ maid service must have insurance to make sure you don't have to reach into your pocket.

Bonded – Many domestic cleaning services aren't bonded, which means that if maids decides to steal something, YOU are the one who has to handle the situation. Hire NJ maid company who are bonded, so if anything happens (and we doubt it would), we're going to look out for you.

Professionally trained – We make sure our maids are professionally trained in the latest cleaning techniques so your home sparkles after we've closed the door behind us.

The last point I wanted to discuss what questions you might have in mind while hiring NJ maid company –

For how long the maids company is operating in New Jersey?

How big is the maids team of the maid company?

Do they use latest cleaning equipments?

There are more questions you might have but I think to choose a right maid service company if we are satisfied with answers to questions we discussed we will get the right  maid company for domestic cleaning services and green cleaning services. There is one NJ maid service company which meets all the credentials and you can send them a query at http://www.themaidsgreaterlehighvalley.com

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With the growing pressure of busy life, everyone is finding it difficult to cope up with their working, taking care of children and other activities at home and hence, there is very little time left for cleaning and taking care of the house. In most cases, the house stays in a complete mess because you don't have enough time to clean it up. To recover from such a situation, you require the help of a maid service.Cleaning services, maid service and janitorial service are some of the terms that are used to describe this particular kind of helping service that is provided to businesses, individuals as well as associations and a house.These type of services were once the part of affluent homes and big business houses, but now, maid service refers to domestic worker and is also found in middle class homes who can afford such household helps. Maids generally perform all household chores like washing, cooking, ironing, grocery shopping, cleaning and even looking after the household kitchen. On the other hand, in many poor countries, the role of a maid also extends to being a nurse to look after the elderly or a disable person in the family.

The concept of maid service is somewhat different in different countries and situations. But above all, the main point of hiring maid services is to get an additional help to deal with the chores of daily life.  

The benefits

The biggest advantage of hiring maids from companies is that they can lend you as many maids you want for your home. They offer services to help you make your life all the more easier. In fact, this kind of service acts as a blessing to your otherwise busy life.There are various ways by which you can hire maid services. You can hire maids on the basis of once a day or once a week for cleaning the house or on an everyday basis if you want your house to be regularly cleaned.

Hiring individual housekeepers as maids can bring in a lot of risk with them. You my not know what kind of a person she or he may be. You do not have any option of doing the background check at the time of urgency. Whereas, if you go for maid services and get their help to hire a maid for your home, you will be guaranteed a lot safety and security along with assurance that the maid will do her job properly without doing any harm to your home. Maid services give you assurance on these aspects because they do a thorough check on their background and potentialities. Some maid services also conduct drug test to know if the employee to be hired is addicted to drugs or not. This is perhaps the main reason why going with the maid services is the safest option.

Moreover, a professional maid will perform her duty better than the one you employee. This is because when someone is selected for the service by the organization, they are given proper trainings and courses to help them perform their job properly. In most of the cases, you need to pay the maid service center and they will pay their employees.

Also, the good companies offering such services have bonded maids. Bonding is the insured guarantee that if an employee or contracted worker of a cleaning company burglarizes a client's home, the company will cover the cost of the loss once the perpetrator has been convicted.Always remember one point; maids are hired to make your life easier, not to make it tougher. If your maid is making your life hell, you can ask for replacement from the maid service center, which is quite impossible if you employee by yourself.

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Deck cleaning might seem a non-neccessary task. However, it is important to keep it clean as leaves, dirt, mold, and mildew will create a film over an outdoor deck that looks ugly and can be slippery. So, to protect your family from injuries and your deck from damage, there are some easy steps that will help you battle the unwanted dirt. 

Remove all furniture, grills, and objects from the deck. 

2) Sweep the deck removing all loose dirt and leaves. 

3) Remove debris trapped between the boards using a slender tool. 

4) Rinse the deck off using a garden hose or pressure washer. When using a pressure washer be sure to raise the nozzle a few feet off the deck to prevent damaging the wood. 

5) Prepare your green deck cleaner by mixing the granular formula into a bucket of water. 

6) Apply the cleaner to the deck by working the foam into the deck with a stiff bristle brush or push broom. Allow the foam to sit on the deck for about 15 minutes. 

7) Rinse the foam off the deck with a garden hose or pressure washer. 

8) If a stain persists, repeat the process as necessary.

 If you have a paver patio here are some steps to tackle its cleaning: 

1 Use a garden hose with a spray attachment to wash paving stones regularly. Routine cleaning will keep the paving stones looking good and will prevent dirt and grime from becoming embedded in the stones.

2.Remove stubborn dirt with a pressure washer. A pressure washer may be enough to clean pavers, allowing you to avoid harsh detergents or cleaners. Use hot water and a fan spray rather than a small nozzle, as a direct spray may damage the surface, allowing more dirt and grime to become embedded in the stone. Sweep the pavers with a broom to replace sand that has been removed by the pressure washer.

3.Apply the cleaner to your pavers, using a paint roller, brush or broom. Allow the cleaner to set for 4 or 5 minutes.


4. Scrub and rinse the pavers thoroughly with a garden hose. Allow them to dry.

If these steps did not help, it is avisiable that you either hire a cleaning company that uses special solutions to keep your deck clean, or a deck builder, who would examine the constuction and may be determine the reason why it is so hard to get rid of the stains. 

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